Gloss is published from a laptop Mac named Cheese based out of Queens, New York.

“Thoroughly cynical” –PopPolitics

Gloss is an irregularly published web log about Death, Sex, Robert Moses, Richard Nixon, representations of Morrissey in contemporary art, and photographs of signs of cartoon pigs and chickens. It is also an echo chamber for partisan liberal politics. On occasion Gloss cover movies and music, but for movies file under Death, and music file under Sex.

Venture capitalists Money will be turned into more money.
Gloss is also available for private parties and special events.


Ant Farm JFK

Daft Punk wedding

State of the Union

Graham Greene

Crawl into bed

Miller bathtub

die kunst ist tot

sow the seeds of victory

197 There is a school of sociology, originating in the United States, which has begun to raise questions about the conditions of existence created by modern social development. But while this approach has been able to gather much empirical data, it is quite unable to grasp the true nature of its chosen object, because it cannot recognize the critique immanent to that object. The sincerely reformist orientation of this sociology has no criteria aside from morality, common sense and other such yardsticks—all utterly inadequate for dealing with the matter at hand. Because it is unaware of the negativity at the heart of its world, this mode of criticism is obliged to concentrate on describing a sort of surplus negativity that it views as a regrettable irritation, or an irrational parasitic infestation, affecting the surface of that world. An outraged goodwill of this kind, which even on its own terms can do nothing except put all the blame on the system’s external consequences, can see itself as critical only by ignoring the essentially apologetic character of its assumptions and method.


Sexy Osama sleepware

Coincidence is a market force.


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