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Last year, over 200,000 surgeries were performed with robots

Piercing the Veil of M.I.A.

In honor of MIA’s new album, I’m sharing LL Smooth J’s remix of that old hit Paper Planes.

Get it here: Paper Planes (Smoothjazzy remix).mp3

I’m also headed out to buy the Believer to read her interview with Joshua Clover. I trust it has to be at least as incendiary as the Lynn Hirschberg takedown.

Piracy Funds Terrorism. Truffle fries.

The Wonderful Life

It’s possible if not likely you’ve found us while searching for “The Gloss,” the new, demographically targeted blog “launched” by Elizabeth Spiers in March. And that’s fine, but it’s not the big thing from the beginning of March I’ve been putting off coming back here to write about. That would be Sparklehorse.

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How to Proceed in the Arts

10. Whatever happens, don’t enjoy yourself. If you do, all that has been wisely put here has been an absolute waste. The very nature of art, as opposed to life, is that in the former (art), one has to be a veritable mask of suffering, while in the latter (life), only white teeth must pervade the entire scene. We cry in art. We sing with life.

-Frank O’Hara, with Larry Rivers

Old Joy

Old Joy is maybe my favorite film about how being an expectant father turns you into an asshole. I admit that’s a strong reading, and it could be a theme more than a storyline, but hey, it’s also maybe my favorite movie about road trips to Oregon hot springs with Bonnie “Prince” Billy and a dog. I’ve seen it a half-dozen times easy, but six Old Joys is still shorter than one viewing of the LOTR trilogy, so when it was on IFC the same night we finally got cable again, I gave it another go.

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