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Was reading for work and encountered this Hollis Frampton quote: “In Greek the word means ‘the wounds of returning.’ Nostalgia is not an emotion that is entertained; it is sustained. When Ulysses comes home, nostalgia is the lumps he takes, not the tremulous pleasures he derives from being home again.”

If only that were the original usage, though I enjoy the thought that nostalgia truly describes a past that waits around patiently for an opportunity to hurt us. The word is actually a modern coinage, but I was tempted to consult my trusty Middle Liddell nevertheless, to see if any like sentiments popped up in ancient minds. But that dictionary is gone, packed off to storage with all the other books, or maybe even just lost, effectively just lost.

And thanks to Frampton I’m here, thinking back to the years I spent hunched over in libraries flipping through that book. Remembering, and not with longing.

Last year, over 200,000 surgeries were performed with robots

The Wonderful Life

It’s possible if not likely you’ve found us while searching for “The Gloss,” the new, demographically targeted blog “launched” by Elizabeth Spiers in March. And that’s fine, but it’s not the big thing from the beginning of March I’ve been putting off coming back here to write about. That would be Sparklehorse.

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How to Proceed in the Arts

10. Whatever happens, don’t enjoy yourself. If you do, all that has been wisely put here has been an absolute waste. The very nature of art, as opposed to life, is that in the former (art), one has to be a veritable mask of suffering, while in the latter (life), only white teeth must pervade the entire scene. We cry in art. We sing with life.

-Frank O’Hara, with Larry Rivers

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