Hev Knows Miz: Moz

For the burgeoning sub-genre of Smiths lyrics stuck on a wall please consider Jonathan Hernández‘s ‘Heaven knows I’m miserable now’, installed in 2001 at the home of kurimanzutto’s gallerists in Mexico City, an urban center that has been very kind to both Morrissey and contemporary art over the past decade. This time the letters are built from mirrors and accompanied in the show by a mixtape, featuring songs by the Smiths and others:

“The songs take us through the wide range of sensations produced by love: mystery, passion, deceit, seduction, catharsis, emptiness. The CD case design alludes to the ejaculation that Duchamp sent to his Brazilian lover. Behind the barrage of love’s social and artistic paraphernalia lies a single spurt of sperm, an orgasm, physiological satisfaction, coupling, reproduction. Everything else is an illusion, fantasies that make us suffer.”

A review of the show is archived at ArtNexus

Here-wise, Hernández was featured in Unmonumental at the New Museum and recently had his first U.S. solo show at MC Kunst in Los Angeles.


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