Oh, for the days when knowledgeable drunks ran the media

Crown Royal Nascar

There’s been some good-hearted ribbing this past week about Hillary Clinton’s anti-elite boilermaker of choice, Crown Royal. It came up in Thomas Frank’s debut column for the Wall Street Journal today. Last week it was part of a Daily Show segment (Stewart: “Nothing says blue collar like whiskey in a velvet pouch”).

Sure, it’s a funny drink name for her to choose, Crown Royal, seeing as she’s attempting to start a dynasty. But elitist? It might be a luxury brand, but it’s luxury like going to Atlantic City is luxury. No. It’s luxury like going to Mohegan Sun is luxury. It’s luxury like a prom limo. It’s luxury like my boob job. It’s luxury like a nightclub called Touch of Class.

I have to side with Clinton over the liberal sobergentsia on this one. It’s a pretty safe bet Obama’s shot of choice doesn’t have its own NASCAR race.

Crown Royal


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