Ahmadinejad in daylight

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Did any other outlet take the Daily Show’s angle on Ahmadinejad’s warm reception in Iraq last week? The most telling thing is that this sketch is that it’s not funny. At all. It’s as if the dissonance the image of Iran’s leader walking in the Baghdad open, juxtaposed with President Bush sneaking in the middle of the night, incapacitates the brain’s comic reflex. Comic paralysis. The conclusions it invites us to jump to are beyond we are able to comfortably disarm with wit.

So I won’t try. But because I just finished watching the Wire finale, I’ll throw out this as an analogy: what if, sheee-it, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki is our Clay Davis? What if he’s taking us for a ride?

The Senate Armed Services Committee, and what I’m saying is this might be related too, is now asking for information on Iraq’s soaring oil profits, which it claims has been disappearing from the country as the U.S. continues, as it has for five years now, to fund Iraq’s reconstruction projects. They estimate oil revenue at $56 billion for 2008. The ranking Republican on the Committee is John McCain. He didn’t sign the letter.

Senate Committee Seeks Audit of How Iraq Is Spending Its Soaring Oil Windfall


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