Without Feathers

Michele Norris: Has there been a case where someone is known as a great speaker in running for President, but when they (sic) actually sit in the Oval Office where you don’t hear the President deliver these kinds of speeches, where you actually hear the President very little, that people wind up being a bit disappointed— they’re wondering, “Where is that guy that used to inspire me?”
Douglas Brinkley: My answer is the great speakers usually become great Presidents.

I threw that quote up there because it’s the word of a historian.

In many senses the promise of a Barack Obama victory is a return of History. This must partially explain Obama’s appeal to youth. The Young, demographically, have lived through technological progress and a self-perpetuating war, but not History, and understandably they are curious to experience some of it for themselves. Clinton’s fans, the older crowd among them, have seen History firsthand, and feel no obligation to revisit it.


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