Top 10 Minority Party and Administration Victories of 2007


(Also, this is my 100th post. w00t, LOL. And each one a classic.)

We could have been remembering 2007 as the year the Democrats took over Congress. The exuberance we felt between Thursday and Tuesday night last week was a more concentrated dose of that fleeting sensation of relief after Election Day 2006.

Accompanying tracks are neither hierarchical nor thematic.

10. The Mukasey Confirmation
In which we pledged, pledged, pledged not to approve his nomination until he clarified his stance on waterboarding.

Radiohead, Videotape

9. Derailing the Bali Climate Talks
“The best we hoped for was that the U.S. would not hobble the rest of the world from moving forward,” said Kevin Knobloch, president of the Union of Concerned Scientists, a nonprofit American organization. “Our delegation here from the States has not been able to meet that low level of expectation.” link

Wilco, Impossible Germany

8. The major planners of the U.S. attorney firings all tiptoe slowly out the back of the room.

Arcade Fire, Keep the Car Running

7. Stopping the expansion of S-chip, the Children’s Health Insurance Program
In part by equating it with Socialism. Worth 2 of 7 Bush vetoes.

Rihanna, Umbrella

6. Rove Raptured and the Libby Commute.
In which we learned that David Addington was the Emperor all along. No pardon = No testimony.

Britney Spears Piece, of Me

5. Betray Us
In which they deflected the story away from the progress of the surge to how the one American hero we were told had the fiber to save us from the Iraq mess can’t take third-grade quality name calling. Well played.

Band of Horses, Is There a Ghost

Tip of the hat bonus song for Gen. Petraeus:

The National, Start a War

4. The no-strings attached, off-the-books, continuously reapproved war budget
in which the Democratic majority fails to achieve the one thing we elected them to do.

Kanye West, Can’t Tell Me Nothin

3. Hedge Fund Executives Rescued from Paying the Same Income Taxes We Do
A lot of that is Chuck Schumer’s fault too, granted.

Jay-Z, Roc Boys (and the winner is)

2. The Surge
Meet the new policy, same as the old policy. Market it like an energy drink (boost performance!) and we’re ready to buy.

Modest Mouse, Fire it up

1. Warrantless Wiretapping Signed into Law
Through next month, at least. Next stop, retroactive amnesty for phone companies. Osama is on the line, will you take the call?

LCD Soundsystem, All My Friends

Save Surge


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