Didi and Pay-Go


Can we now stop waiting for that Democratic Congress we elected to ever arrive?

Democrats fold on Alternative Minimum Tax and break their pay as you go promise. New York Times:

The move represented a bitter retreat for Senate Democrats who, in taking over Congress this year, pledged to pay for new tax cuts or programs rather than add to the federal deficit. …

Mr. Reid said that he supported the “pay-go” concept embraced by Democrats but that he was left with few options because of the Republican ability to block any alternative minimum tax relief that complied with such budget rules.

“We’ve tried every alternative possible to do this,” Mr. Reid said. “I believe in pay-go. I think that’s where we should be.”

NYT: Senate Backs Freeze on Tax Without Cost Offsets
Even though previously: Tax Stalemate Threatens Chaos as Filing Nears
And previous to that: Congress Weighs End to Private Equity Tax Break

I can’t go on, I’ll go on:
Congressional Maneuvering Dooms Hate Crime Measure
Energy Bill Vote Blocked
Dems Considering Proposals That Would Quietly Fund Iraq War
Senate Approves Mukasey Nomination

They don’t even approach New Orleans, but that fails to surprise.
A Broken City. A Tree. Evening. (Holland Cotter on Paul Chan’s Waiting for Godot in New Orleans)
Creative Time: Waiting for Godot in New Orleans


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