Mapping the 2008 Whitney Biennial

The list of participating artists in the 2008 Whitney Biennial was released last week. I put the Whitney’s artist info into two Google maps, one charting the artists’ birthplaces and the other their current residences.

Whitney 2008 Biennial artist birthplaces:
Whitney birthplaces

Whitney 2008 Biennial artist places of residence
Whitney residences

Some results:
-The most surprising find, for me, is that according to the maps San Francisco is a net exporter of artists. (5 were born there, and only two work there, and one of them is Robert Bechtle)
-New York won for most artists-in-residence (duh, with 43 artists—teams were split into individual artists when the Whitney supplied their info) and LA came in second (25 artists). Third place was held by Berlin, Germany, with 4. (Take that, Miami.)
-LA beat NY though, for artist birthplace: 8 in LA to NY’s 6.
-I took artists who listed themselves as residents in two cities (or in Eduardo Sarabia’s case, three) at their word, and this was a big factor in the impression the residence map gives of geographical diversity. Of the three artists who list themselves as residents of the great state of Texas, zero live there full time (NYx2 and Miami the rest of the year).

Google maps: Whitney Biennial artist birthplaces
Whitney Biennial artist residences

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