Dylan Dream Diary

I ask your indulgence and forgiveness in advance (“No one wants to hear/ what you dreamt about/ unless you dreamt about/ them”), but I haven’t had a dream about a movie before it came out in maybe twenty years. Maybe not since the last Raiders or Back To The Future, which I guess means I’m excited for it.

In this dream, the trailer for Todd Haynes’s “I’m Not There” is never the same twice; it keeps changing to suit its environment. I knew this because in the dream I saw it in two different theaters—ornate, opera house-style theaters—and each time I saw it the trailer mentioned the theater we were watching in and the time of the screening. Different trailers with different people playing different Dylans, but what tied them together was that each Dylan had animated flowing cartoon dreadlocks that slithered in the air like wild Medusa tentacles.

I’m Not Hair

The show stopper was in the second trailer I saw, which re-created the moments before Dylan’s conception. Dylan père’s spermatozoon was played by a bullet-shaped capsule that swims through outer space with the black tentacles feeling the aether ahead of it. At times the tentacles would reach out of the screen, aggressively, latching onto the theater’s architectural features: balcony seats, sconces, frescoes. I had the clear sense that my dad was somewhere in the audience, closer to the screen, and I wondered if he would be swayed by this trailer’s interactive technical mastery, or if he would dismiss it as too experimental.

Space capsule

When not ducking to avoid the tentacles, I was sitting with some college friends and Marcus Carl Franklin, the youngest Dylan. They had one of those digital slide-show picture frames, but it was big and cardboard like the TVs in Science of Sleep, and instead of family photos it had mpegs of people wiping out on their skateboards, which made no sense because none of us had ever touched a skateboard.

Also (this is about the movie, not the dream), David Cross as Allen Ginsberg is possibly even more inspired a casting choice than six Dylans.

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