Smooth Brazil photos


I am finally sorting through our honeymoon photos. I’ll spare everyone most of the detailed LiveJournal-esque narrative for now. The essence of today’s vacation is the transformation of experiences into media, so photos.

Here I am snorkeling at Lagoa Azul on Ilha Grande:

Lagoa Azul

Brazil achieved oil self-sufficiency in April 2006, in large part through a system of offshore rigs in the waters surrounding Rio de Janeiro known as the Campos Basin. The area further west, where we were vacationing, has become a focus of more recent exploration by Petrobras. The month before we arrived one of the tankers that supplies these rigs cut off the main electricity supply cable for Ilha Grande, leaving the island without power for 15 days.


Here is a nightclub on the beach at Grande de Palmas, shot during the day:

Harry Potter

In a reassuring sign of globalization’s reach, our sleepy rustic and out of the way hotel had the Italian edition of Hardt and Negri’s Empire in its small beach library:


And this not the wayward castoff contribution of some backpacking grad student. This volume was strictly ex libris:

Empire 2

What I’m posting here is the worst photograph I took all trip:

Jungle bugs

The worst part is you can’t even see them, but this is supposed to be a bunch of bugs from our first hike in the jungle. There were multiple armies of them, big ones, small ones, all working together in the same spot. It was like an insect Jane Jacobs. By the time I had framed this shot, the bugs had dropped what they were all doing and began to climbed my pant legs en masse. I started hopping around to knock them off, but it did nothing, damn tenacious bugs. I had to flick them off one by one until they were all gone. Katie, not paying attention to me, had kept hiking to the point where i could no longer see her through the vegetation. She finally shouted back for me, “Smoothjazzy, where are you? What’s going on?” The only thing I could think to shout back was, “I made a mistake!” Which, not knowing what I was doing, she immediately interpreted as metaphorical and wedding-related.

Last photo:


These are the Ariau Amazon Towers. Anaconda was filmed here.The place strikes me basically as the Borgata of the Amazon. Which is not meant as a compliment. We turned the bend in the river and it was just there, this massive thing looming in the forest. From this angle it looked like one of those desperate forgotten outposts from Apocalypse Now. But not the ones from the original, I mean the even creepier shit from the Redux version. But it’s filled with people, and it’s supposed to have its own helicopter pad. We did not stay here.


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