Miscellaneous Moses


Buried at the bottom of an article on the NY Times’ records being donated to the New York Public Library, an account of the high-school lunchroom effect Moses had on people:

‘A much touchier and longstanding issue was coverage of New York’s master builder, Robert Moses, a close friend of the Hays Sulzbergers. Moses repeatedly complained about Times reporting and editorials in the late ’50s and early ’60s, and these triggered testy exchanges with the newsroom, which Catledge called “the Book of Moses.” Attached to a December 1965 letter to Arthur Hays Sulzberger from Moses suggesting a get-together is a note: “For the File: Mr. Sulzberger said, ‘Well get him in for lunch some time.’ Punch screamed and said he refused to be present. I proposed tabling this for the time being.”’

For Public Library, a Trove of New York Times Records (NY Times)

Bonus: Paul Goldberger’s February appreciation is available online.
Eminent Dominion: Rethinking the legacy of Robert Moses (New Yorker)

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