Everything’s coming up Moses

Fair use

Well. It seems that my long-held, but largely never followed-through on, plan for a major museum retrospective on the accomplishments of Robert Moses has finally been usurped and staged by, of all things, professionals.

The first fruits of this bi-borough spring of Moses extravaganza is the new wealth of Robert Moses iconography that has appeared on the Internet in connection with these museums’ “Watch out, they’re ignoring Robert Caro” marketing angle, and that is now available for the surfing desk potato’s enjoyment.

You have to admire the uniformity of Moses portraits. His image discipline screams media consultant, if such a thing existed in the thirties and forties. Moses with maps, Moses with blueprints, Moses on the phone, Moses on site. These are snapshots of a hero of Modernism. He’s communicating a worldview, shaping reality along with the city.


Fair use

Fair use

Fair use

Fair use

Fair use

Fair use

Fair use

Robert Moses and the Modern City
Museum of the City of New York: Remaking the Metropolis
Queens Museum of Art: The Road to Recreation
Slum Clearance and the Superblock Solution

Observer: Robert Moses Returns: Power Broker Spurs Caro-Jackson Bout

Gothamist: Big Snub as Robert Moses Gets a Second Look
Post: Everything’s Coming Up
Times: Rehabilitating Robert Moses

More: Google tells me my “Everything’s coming up Moses” title (besides being taken already by the Post!) was once the name of a song that poked fun at then-VP candidate Joe Lieberman for his Judaism. What tasteful times those were.


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